The following list of songs is played in heavy rotation on PopApp Radio this week. These are our hits!

The A List

  • Allie X – GLAM!
  • Dinaye – Own Yourself
  • Fly By Midnight – Diamond Eyes (feat. Cailin Russo)
  • Gram-Of-Fun – Lost In A Dance
  • Jeff Vincent – Wondering Why (2020 Remix)
  • Kea – Hypnotized
  • Lindsay Ell – Hits me
  • NIGHTMÅNE – Fall Apart
  • Raylee – Hero
  • Roosevelt – Lovers
  • Sabina Ddumba – Damn Good Woman
  • Steps & Michelle Visage – Heartbreak in This City
  • Tanja – Best Night Ever

Playlist: Revival

(# of weeks revived)

  • Bananarama – Nathan Jones
  • Boy Krazy – That’s What Love Can Do (5)
  • Britney Spears – Overprotected
  • Danny Saucedo Featuring Freja – If Only You (2)
  • Kylie Minogue – What Do I Have To Do (3)
  • Lady Gaga – Stupid Love (6)
  • Madonna – Into The Groove (5)
  • Taylor Dayne – With Every Beat Of My Heart


  • Liar Liar – Pretending
  • Maisie Peters – John Hughes Movie
  • Melovin – Dance With The Devil

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