The following list of songs is played in heavy rotation on PopApp Radio this week. These are our hits!

The A List

  • Daði og Gagnamagnið – 10 Years
  • Neon Capital – The Walls
  • Nick Jonas-This Is Heaven
  • Steps & Michelle Visage – Heartbreak in This City
  • Tess Merkel- Good Life
  • The Overtones – Gambling Man 2.0
  • Rick Astley – Unwanted
  • Robin Packalen – Hard To Love (ft. Alex Mattson)
  • Sam Sparro – Melody Of Us
  • Tom Aspaul & Funk LeBlanc – The Program
  • Topia – Take Me Back
  • Troye Sivan, Regard, Tate McRae – You
  • Years & Years – Starstruck

Playlist: Revival

(# of weeks revived)

  • Erasure – Victim of Love (5)
  • Jason Donovan – RSVP
  • Guy Sebastian – Tonight Again (5)
  • Haddaway – Life (6)
  • Madonna – True Blue
  • Peter Wilson and Sean Smith – Verona (4)
  • Robyn – Hang with Me (2)
  • Taylor Swift – New Romantics
  • The Rounder Girls – All to you


  • Jimmie Allen and Brad Paisley – Freedom Was A Highway
  • Joey Suarez – Easy

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